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Conventional COPD Treatments vs. Alternative COPD Treatments

Initial COPD and Emphysema Diagnosis

My mother was first diagnosed with emphysema and COPD early in 2003. I had worked in a hospital more than 20 years earlier and remembered the COPD, chronic bronchitis and emphysema patients slowly deteriorating with each successive visit until I did not see them anymore. I realized sadly that they had most likely succumbed to the disease. I now realized my mother was on her way down that same road. My only hope early on was that new medications had been developed that would cure COPD and emphysema or at least stop its progress. I soon found out that they had not. They had new, very expensive drugs but none that cured or stopped the progress of the disease.

I made certain my mother took every prescribed medication, did every ordered nebulizer treatment each day and attended Pulmonary Rehab twice a week. The combination, according to the doctors, would slow the progress of the disease which, at this time, was our only hope. 

Researching Alternative COPD and Emphysema Treatments

I began researching emphysema and COPD the day my mother was diagnosed. I found nothing but the bad news detailing the progression of the disease and the unknown mechanism causing this progression. I soon realized that I was ending up on web sites owned, operated or controlled by either the pharmaceutical or medical industries. I decided it was time I explored the alternatives to these drugs. I could see the drugs were temporarily masking symptoms however, as soon as the drug wore off, my mother was right back where she was before taking the drug with no lasting improvement. I reasoned that these drugs would be used solely for masking symptoms since that was all they did anyway. I do not believe for one second that they slow the progress of the disease as they claim. Remember, the pharmaceutical company that develops the drug is the one that does the testing. The fox watching the hen house. Their results are all flawed, in my opinion.

Developing the COPD Disease Progression Model Hypothesis

After more than 2 years of researching alternative treatments and observing my mother's deteriorating condition, I developed a logical "Disease Progression Model" hypothesis that I believe describes the mechanism causing the progression of COPD and emphysema. This Disease Progression Model I developed is as follows:

"Smoking introduces a pathogen into the lungs that begins proliferating immediately and continues proliferating until it is stopped or the patient succumbs to the disease. As the pathogen proliferates the body adapts by distending the lungs creating additional surface area for gas exchange (breathing). The distending lungs eventually result in a condition common to emphysema and COPD patients known as 'barrel chest.' The pathogen continues proliferating and the body continues adapting until the distending lungs eventually begin crowding the stomach making normal-sized meals impossible. This problem reaches critical mass when the patient can no longer eat enough food to cover normal body functioning and severe weight loss occurs. This is the final stage of the disease."

I believe this is why people who have quit smoking are diagnosed years, even decades later with emphysema and COPD. The pathogen was proliferating the entire time. 

Applying the COPD Disease Progression Model Using Alternative Treatments

I know the medical and pharmaceutical industries disagree with me however, when I began applying this Disease Progression Model to my mother's treatment she began improving almost immediately! Granted these improvements were small and subtle in the beginning but the significance of the improvements was that they were the first improvements my mother had shown since her diagnosis and the improvements were permanent, allowing us to build upon them each day from then on!

I did ask one of my mother's doctors why her emphysema and COPD were progressing. After all, she quit smoking after her diagnosis and by January of 2006 after not smoking for more than 2 years she was in "End Stage." She had deteriorated down to only 77 pounds and required 4 liters of continuous supplemental oxygen. Her doctor first gave me some medical rhetoric stating that it might be the alpha-1-antitrypsin deficiency. I had covered this genetic disorder in my research. I told him that we both knew that my mother's problem was from 40 years of smoking and not from a genetic disorder that generally shows up in the 20's or 30's void of any smoking. He then told me something that surprised me. 

He said, "We don't know why emphysema and COPD progress so long after smoking cessation. It's a mystery."

I decided right then and there that I would research emphysema and COPD until I either solved this big mystery or my mother took her last breath! Luckily, after more than 6500 hours of research over more than 4 years my mother had completely recovered. The first step was a diet I found that was being used by two prominent researchers. 

More on the diet and other alternative treatments that produced the results in the next posting.

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Effective COPD Treatments

My mother was diagnosed with emphysema, chronic bronchitis and Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease in early 2003. I began researching the diseases and for more than 10 months my research did not reveal anything that gave me any hope of my mother's survival. I eventually realized that all the sites I had been looking at were owned or controlled by the pharmaceutical companies.

I watched as my mother took every COPD medication and performed every COPD treatments yet after two and a half years she was noticeably worse. She had not smoked during this time and had done everything her doctor prescribed! I was so puzzled by this so I asked her doctor,

"Why is her COPD and emphysema getting worse even though she quit smoking more than two and a half years ago?"

He first laid some pretty heavy medical rhetoric on me saying that it might be the alpha-1-antitrypsin deficiency. I told him that he and I knew my mother's emphysema and COPD were the result of almost 40 years of smoking cigarettes. He finally looked me right in the eye and said,

"The truth is, we don't know why COPD and emphysema continue progressing so long after smoking cessation. It's a mystery." 

I decided right then and there I would continue researching COPD and emphysema until I either solved the big mystery or my mother took her last breath!

Alternative COPD Treatments

As I continued researching COPD and emphysema I found myself getting further and further away from the medical and pharmaceutical industries web sites. Neither of them had any solutions. The best they could do was supposedly, "slow the disease progression" with expensive COPD medications and treatments. 

I did not realize until my mother had deteriorated down to End Stage Emphysema that the COPD medications and treatments her doctor prescribed for her had one-by-one stopped working! All they had ever done was provide temporary "masking of symptoms." Once the drug wore off, the symptoms returned and she was right back where she was before taking it! These COPD medications and treatments were obviously not curing the disease! They were not even stopping the disease progression! The pharmaceutical companies that produced the drugs claimed they would "slow the progress" of the disease but at this point I doubted if even this was true!

Why Aren't the Doctors Addressing or Acknowledging This?

I had watched my mother deteriorate before my very eyes during this two and a half year period. She had not smoked and she had followed the doctors' orders to the letter. I made sure of this. It was obvious to me that there was something growing or proliferating in my mother's lungs! Why else would she be getting worse?! The doctors never addressed it or even mentioned it. I wanted information on why the emphysema and COPD was getting worse in the absence of smoking and they were at a complete loss in providing it. They claimed it was impossible to stop this disease progression!

Smoking Causes COPD but What Makes it Get Worse?

The doctors had said smoking caused the COPD and emphysema. I believed that wholeheartedly. There was no doubt in my mind that my mother's smoking had caused her COPD and emphysema. I also knew she had stopped smoking more than two years earlier yet her COPD and emphysema were progressing and no one could explain why! 

Logical COPD Treatment

Logically it seemed that something was growing in my mother's lungs. After all, she had quit smoking and was still getting worse more than two years later. Something was causing this disease progression. Maybe it was some pathogen left over from her years as a smoker. Maybe it didn't matter if you quit smoking. Maybe this pathogen continued proliferating anyway. 

I had taken a graduate course in Pathology a number of years earlier and remembered that sugar was their food supply. In humans, this is the systemic sugar resulting from overloading the body with sugar and sugary foods. This sugar floods the bloodstream where it waits for active transport across the cell membrane by insulin which is produced by the beta cells of the pancreas.

I decided that taking away the food supply for this possible pathogen, namely the systemic sugar resulting from sugar and sugary foods, should at least stop the pathogen from proliferating further.

The COPD Diet

I immediately took all of the sugar and sugary foods out of my mother's diet. I also removed anything that would convert to sugar in only a few biochemical steps which included potatoes, bread, cereal and pasta. This left only protein sources like beef, pork, chicken and fish and fresh vegetables in my mother's diet. Half the vegetables I steamed and the other half I cut up into salads.

After little more than 3 weeks my mother began showing improvements! Granted these were subtle improvements but I soon realized they were permanent and we were able to build upon them daily from then on! There was still a lot of work before she would be well but I was starting to believe this pathogen did, in fact, exist and more importantly, this diet was weakening it by removing it's food supply! I was shocked the doctors had not even suggested this simple diet change that had now produced the only improvements my mother had shown since her diagnosis!

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Reversing COPD and Emphysema

I always remember a saying by Mark Twain,

"It is easier to fool someone than to convince them they have been fooled."

It seems the massive advertising campaigns of the pharmaceutical companies have been wildly successful in convincing people their drugs work. The fact is, there are tens of thousands of drugs on the market and not ONE that cures a disease!

I remember a Time Magazine article I read from 1962 written by a physician urging the pharmaceutical companies to make fewer "formularies" as he called them. At the time he stated there were 150,000! His claim in 1962 was that doctors could not keep up with all the new drugs! Now ask yourself whether you think this problem has gotten better or worse in the last 50 years!

Why Does Emphysema and COPD Progress?

It seemed the doctors and medical industry were very good at testing and quantifying everything regarding my mother's COPD and emphysema. The problem was they were unable to utilize any of the results of these very expensive tests to provide any lasting improvements in my mother's condition!

My thought was,

"What good are all these tests if they are not providing any effective solutions?" 

All the extensive testing did was make the hospital and its investors rich and potentially help the medical industry "type" COPD much like they did with cancer in the 1960s!

COPD Research Begins Revealing Answers

All total I researched COPD and emphysema for 4 and a half years totaling more than 6500 hours. I compiled more than 30,000 pages of information which provided some amazing results.

Initially I found physicians and other researchers that were exploring alternative treatments for emphysema and COPD. I found a number of these treatments helped but still did not cure this disease or stop its progress. I then located researchers working on other diseases and where it made sense to do so, I began applying their alternative treatments to my mother's COPD and emphysema with astounding results!

I found a Microbiologist and Cancer Researcher who stated that cancer was a pathogen. He had developed a diet that he put his patients on designed to starve cancer. He revealed that the food supply for pathogens was sugar. The diet removed sugar and those foods that convert to sugar in the body after only a few biochemical steps.

I found another researcher who was a practicing MD in New York City who had published his 8-step cure for allergies and asthma. Prior to finding him I was unaware there was a way of curing asthma or allergies. I wondered why other doctors were prescribing medications for these illnesses instead of using this prominent physician's cure. My mother's doctors had not heard of either one of these researchers or their effective treatments. They were too busy and did not have time to read a bunch of research.

Reversing COPD and Emphysema: The Hypothesis

I eventually developed a hypothesis which I believe describes the cause of the progression of COPD and emphysema. My Hypothesis is,

"Smoking introduces a pathogen into the lungs that continues proliferating even if the patient quits smoking."

I believe that, as this pathogen proliferates, the human body adapts by distending the lungs in an effort to provide additional surface area for gas exchange (i.e. "breathing"). I believe the pathogen continues proliferating and the lungs continue distending until they eventually begin crowding the stomach forcing the patient to eat smaller and smaller meals. This results in severe weight loss and is generally considered to be a sign that the patient is in End Stage or Stage IV. We have all seen these people sitting in wheelchairs using supplemental oxygen and looking like "skin and bones."  I saw this first hand as this is exactly where my mother ended up!

Logically Testing the Hypothesis

I wanted to test my hypothesis to see whether it made sense logically. I remembered working with a gentleman years earlier who told me he had quit smoking 27 years earlier and had just been diagnosed with COPD and emphysema. If smoking introduced this pathogen into his lungs would it still be proliferating? YES! This appeared to be the reason quitting smoking does not exempt you from a subsequent diagnosis of COPD, emphysema or chronic bronchitis since this pathogen continues proliferating.

En Vivo Testing of the COPD and Emphysema Hypothesis

It's one thing for the hypothesis to make perfect sense however, this does not mean necessarily that it will work in practice. I needed to test these alternative COPD and emphysema treatments on a live human, my mother. Before you start accusing me of using my mother as a guinea pig, please understand that all of these alternative COPD and emphysema treatments included only healthy foods and safe, effective supplements so there was no threat of side-effects or injury.

The First Signs of Recovery from COPD and Emphysema

I immediately started my mother on the diet detailed by the Microbiologist and the practicing physician in New York City. Their diets were almost identical and were both designed to kill pathogens along with providing many other additional benefits.

By this time I was realizing that the progression of my mother's emphysema and COPD was the result of a pathogen that had entered her lungs through smoking and even though she had quit smoking, it (the pathogen) had continued growing and proliferating.

It took us 10 days to transition to the new diet and then amazingly, after two additional weeks, she began improving noticeably! I was shocked and amazed even though I expected it to work! I had watched her decline and deteriorate little by little each day for so long and now, finally, a glimmer of hope!

After 3 months on the restrictive diet my mother only required 3 liters of supplemental oxygen and was no longer gasping for air at all! Prior to starting the diet she was on 4 liters of supplemental oxygen and was in distress much of the time.

This restrictive diet was apparently starving this pathogen I had hypothesized about. The doctors call this logical approach to COPD and emphysema "quackery" but all of their patients die from this disease and never show any permanent improvement with their treatments. My mother was showing permanent improvements. By "permanent improvements" I simply mean those improvements not associated with the drug-induced, temporary masking of symptoms.

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